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Irma: In Need of Support

Hurricane Updates: If you are looking for the latest news on our Pet Friendly Shelter and other important Hurricane-related news, please click here. In Need of Support We are asking for everyone who sees this and is being directly affected

Pet Friendly Shelter Registration Paperwork

To save you some time registering for the Pet Friendly Shelter, we now provide the forms for you to download and fill-out in advance. Updated for Irma on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 11:10am: IMPORTANT UPDATE! All previously posted shelters

irma updates

Hurricane Irma Transport Plans

With the threat of Hurricane Irma the Humane Society of Broward County will be sending the majority of the animals that have been residing at the shelter to their shelter partner, the Tony LaRusso Animal Rescue Foundation located in Walnut


How to prepare your pets for a hurricane a timeline

Hurricane Irma is now churning through the Atlantic Ocean, and many models suggests South Florida is now in the path of what the National Weather Service calls a “potentially catastrophic” storm. Forecasters say Florida could see the effects of Irma

Diamond in the Ruff

Diamond in the Ruff: Layla

Puppies are often the first to find loving homes in any animal shelter. Thankfully this was the case for Layla A578701, a 5 month old Harrier Mix. She was able to find her home after only two days of arriving