If your dog has the basics down and you are looking for a fun way to manage other natural behaviors such as jumping up, play biting and greeting new people and dogs then this is the class for you. Our newly developed curriculum will expand on known cues and help you and your dog get ready for “real life”. Most dogs encounter challenges every day when meeting new people or greeting unfamiliar dogs and the lessons learned here will create pathways to better understanding of what your pet is going through and how to guide him to good choices.

This training includes:

How to manage unwanted behaviors

  • Jumping up
  • Play biting
  • Rough play
  • Destructive chewing

How to encourage appropriate behaviors

  • “Sit to Say Hello” when meeting new people
  • Polite greetings when meeting new unfamiliar dogs
  • Understanding positive reinforcement
  • “Drop it” good manners for exciting games
  • Calming exercises

Family Manners sessions are scheduled as a private one- on- one training and are designed as a five week course. For more information please call the Behavior and Training department 954.266.6819. Please note this training is not designed to treat or manage aggressive behaviors.

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