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Amy is one of the over 200 pets that came from Puerto Rico. She’s a rat terrier mix, black and white, 2 years 6 months old, and weighs about 14lbs.

When I first saw Amy on the news (WSVN), I told my mother that all I wanted for my birthday is a dog. Finally, on National Pet Day (April 11th), I went and met with Amy and I knew she was meant for me! My mother and I decided to adopt her because Amy is very sweet, adorable, and amazing loving dog.

Amy is in very good hands, and I love Amy with all my heart. She’s priceless to me and my family. She’s the queen of the house. Since I got Amy out from the shelter, she’s been spoiled with lots of love and care, clothes, food, toys, and most importantly, of all she got all the real love and care from me and our family.

Shelter Success Stories

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