As you all know, we absolutely love hearing from all of you new families who adopted your forever friends from us. Chewy just wrote to us to let us know how he is doing in his new home. (His penmanship has improved remarkably since he left!)

Hello, Humane Society of Broward County:

It’s me, Chewy. You guys helped me get adopted, remember? My Dad came in one day and took me from your wonderful care. I think he gave me as a gift to my mom, because she freaked out when she saw me & started kissing and hugging me uncontrollably.

I am happy to tell you guys that I have a really nice & loving home on Miami Beach. I’m an only child so I’m spoiled rotten! I go for walks twice a day, every day. Saturdays I go for walks on the beach and to the dog park where I have made a lot of doggie friends. I also love my new place I sleep on the bed with Mami y Papi, and I have doggie neighbors (a pit bull named King & a King Charles named Millie… as well as two other ones I’m not sure about).

I get treats every day (that’s why I have a bigger belly now). My mom likes to make me doggie ice cream and homemade doggy food. I also LOVE to chase pigeons, squirrels and lizards. I love to chew Mom’s shoes and clothes, but she loves me so much that she lets me get away with it. Mom and Dad love me so much that, even when I burst all their pillows and made a chicken coop out of the living room, they didn’t take me back to you guys.

I’m having a lot of fun here, but I don’t forget how you guys gave me a second chance at life. Miss you guys, love you! Keep doing the good work and never grow tired of doing good. Spunky (aka: Chewy), dictated but not read

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