No matter how old they are, in our eyes, our dogs will always be puppies. For Princess, adopted from us ELEVEN YEARS AGO next month, not only is she still a baby in the eyes of her mom, Stephanie – but she still holds on to her puppy energy and enthusiasm.

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Meeting Princess (then “Sassy”) was one of the most joyful moments of my life! Princess was brought into the shelter as a stray almost 11 years ago.

When I first met her she was in rough shape. The shelter wasn’t exactly sure where she had come from or what she had been through but one thing was certain she had been through a lot. Princess was then a very reserved and timid little puppy. At only three months old she didn’t seem to have any interest in toys or treats.

The moment I met her I knew I had to bring her home.

After a few weeks of lots of TLC, her personality started to bloom, and boy did she blossom! Princess turned out to be a very playful, outgoing and loving little dog.

Next month (approximately) she will celebrate her 11th birthday! She still has more energy than ever, surprising us every day with new tricks. She loves going for long walks, playing with squeaky toys and running around the back yard at full speed! We just love this little angel to pieces & feel so fortunate to have her with us for all these years – and so many more to come!
Stephanie D.

Shelter Success Stories

If you adopted a pet from us and have a #ShelterSuccessStory of your own, please click here or you can email us at with the subject line “Shelter Success Story.”

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