Did a shelter pet unexpectedly come into your life? It did for Romy S. earlier this year. She submitted her Shelter Success Story online last week, and we had to share it!

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We first saw Zena when we just decided to stop by the shelter one Saturday. We were heartbroken because we were supposed to be getting a puppy that day but it didn’t work out for us. So, we went and looked around, and as soon as we saw her, we knew she was going to be a part of our family.

When they brought her in the room to meet us, she immediately jumped on us and gave us a hug and lots of kisses… We adopted her that minute.

The first day was very quiet as she just got fixed and was still loopy. But, as the days passed by, we started seeing her personality come through, and it was just incredible. She’s so playful and she LOVES belly rubs! Everyone at the vet’s office loves her, and surprisingly she loves to go there. She doesn’t get scared… quite the opposite actually!

Nowadays she gets to go to work with Mommy in her office. We have a tradition of stopping at Starbucks and getting coffee (for me) and a “puppaccino” for her! She also loves the doggie beach right by the shelter. We have been taking her often, and she’s a good swimmer.

We are so blessed to have found her, she’s a ray of light for our whole family. Now that we are getting ready to celebrate her first birthday, we just can’t be any happier. She will forever have our unconditional love, and we know we will get it back 10 times more from her. Thank you for allowing us to change our life and her life, and for taking care of her while we waited for her forever home.
Romy S.

Shelter Success Stories

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