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Shelter Success Story: Spooky

Shelter Success Story: Spooky

Did you know that black-furred dogs can spend almost 4 times as long in shelters than their lighter-furred buds? Some shelter personnel think some reasons might be that black animals don’t stand out in the kennels, or are harder to

Shelter Success Story: Bruce

Shelter Success Story: Bruce

We just had to share this story that Kim submitted to us a few weeks ago. For many potential adopters, seeing that a dog is labeled as Heartworm Positive usually deters them from adopting. But hearing that Milo (now “Bruce”)

Shelter Success Story: Bean

Shelter Success Story: Bean

There’s nothing better than the feeling we get when we see an adult animal go home to a loving family. Don’t get us wrong – puppies and kittens are great, but we know they’ll have to wait no time at

Shelter Success Story 2

Shelter Success Story: Blanco

Has your timid shelter pup turned into an outgoing, spoiled little love bug? For Maria, that is exactly what happened to Blanco, whom she adopted from us a little over a year ago. Do you have a story of your

Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Zena

Did a shelter pet unexpectedly come into your life? It did for Romy S. earlier this year. She submitted her Shelter Success Story online last week, and we had to share it! Do you have a story of your own?


Shelter Success Story: Hailee

Kelli K. just wrote us to give us an update on Hailee, whom she adopted from us about 2 years ago. Seems like the entire family is doing so well! Hailee has been a part of our family for just

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