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Weekly Pet Flyer: June 20, 2016

Pet Flyer: June 23, 2016

Bring Your Pet to Work Weekly Pet Flyer Tomorrow is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and to kick off the celebrations a bit early, we have found five adorable pets seeking full time employment with a forever family. We’ve

1st Snuggle Delivery

Snuggle Delivery Our very first Snuggle Delivery was a HUGE success. When this idea was in the planning stages, we never anticipated how popular it was going to be. Stress relief, puppy socialization, community building, fundraising, adoptions and the ability

Order a Snuggle Delivery

Not everyone can reap the benefits of snuggling with puppies and kittens like we do here at the shelter, so we came up with the idea to bring adoptable puppies and kittens (you must be at least 21 years old