Having endured the horrors of Hurricane Maria, Biscotti arrived from the island of Tortola at the end of October with a severe skin infection.

Tired, scared, and covered in filth, when she entered our shelter, it was clear that she was in dire need of medical help. Thanks to the donations we receive every year, we were able to give her the TLC she deserved.

Biscotti needed a lot of help. For two months, she remained under the care of our clinic, receiving medication and special baths to aid in her recovery.

Biscotti upon arrival

Her progress was slow, but eventually her hair began to grow back and she was looking better.

Biscotti looking better

Biscotti going home
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Unfortunately she was still so shy that it was taking a while for someone to fall in love and bring her home. Fortunately she was able to spend countless hours with calm and nurturing volunteers who showed her that people can be trusted. Slowly but surely, Biscotti began to come out of her shell.

We are happy to say that, over the holiday weekend, Biscotti met her new family – people with the patience she needs. Finally, after having gone through so much, she got to ring in the New Year from the comfort of a loving home.

This life-saving work is how your Walk for the Animals funds are put to work. Every cent is put back into the comfort and care of animals in our community, as well as to assist animals affected by natural disasters.

Please help us continue to provide these important services in the future. Please continue to fundraise for the animals and share Biscotti’s story, for we must work together in order to reach our goal.

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