We’d like to showcase one of our outstanding volunteers, Bruce Blitman, who began volunteering with us as a Dog P.A.L. in 2014.

Bruce, a Pembroke Pines attourney, recently went a few steps above and beyond his usual routine in helping the animals by holding a donation drive at his place of business to help gather items from our shelter wish list. Bruce’s property management company, Alder Reality Services, graciously agreed to host and sponsor this event to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a tenant. Everyone in the building was notified of this special event and encouraged to donate. Bruce collected almost $250 in donations, as well as lots of toys, snacks, shoe boxes, towels and blankets. It was a wonderful opportunity for the residences to get to know one another and support a good cause. Education Volunteer Dawn Fifield also stopped by with some furry companions to add to the fun.

Pets at home: Eddie, a wonderful little ten-year-old “puggat” – put/rat terrier mix.

Favorite part of volunteering: “I have volunteered as a P.A.L., providing petting, affection and love for the past two and a half years. I have greatly enjoyed my weekly interaction with the dogs. Every Tuesday, for three or four hours, I get to play in the kennels with all kinds of dogs — different breeds, ages, sizes and personalities.

“This has been great fun and is almost like a form of therapy for myself and the dogs. I turn off my cell phone, unplug, relax and just focus on enjoying these wonderful dogs. Each is special and unique. I have also enjoyed my interaction with my fellow P.A.L. volunteers and other volunteers, as well as the staff, all of whom are friendly, kind and compassionate.”

What the animals say: “We love it when Bruce comes walking into the kennels! It means we’re about to have a wonderful session of pats, scratches behind the ears, kind words, playtime and cuddles – all of which makes us happier and less stressed. And, that makes us more adoptable! Bruce is our hero!”


Interested in Volunteering?

We’re especially in need of dog walkers, adoption ambassadors, and customer service volunteers. Call Lacey at 954.266.6814 to learn more and/or sign up for our next orientation.