Meet Our Longest-Staying Guests


Did you know that most of our cats and dogs are adopted out of our shelter within 1-2 weeks? Some animals, like puppies or kittens, only stay a day or two!

These five furry friends, however, have been here for months. We do not place a time limit on our animals, so they can stay however long they need to find homes… but we seriously hope they find families soon! They’ve been patiently waiting for so long and these cuties deserve a second chance at happiness!

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Meet Our Featured Pets


Sara (ID 575736)

Humane Society of Broward County Weekly Pet Flyer
Intake date: May 17, 2017
1 year olds, female

Sara is a sweetie-pie. She’s an energetic, playful girl but she calms down after a few minutes of play. She especially loves to chase after balls. After a little obedience training, this princess will fit right into your family.

Sara is a Dolly’s Dream dog, so her adoption fee is sponsored and she gets to go home with the goodies she will need to settle into her new home. Please call the Humane Society of Broward County at 954-989-3977 ext. 6 for more details.

Happy (ID 576556) and Bashful (ID 576558)

Intake date: May 31, 2017
5 months old, male

Happy and his brother Bashful are two sweet kittens that flew all the way here from Puerto Rico. They adore each other and will be each other’s BFF… along with you, of course!

Matrix (ID 576857)

Humane Society of Broward County Weekly Pet Flyer
Intake date: June 5, 2017
2 years old, male

This big boy just wants some friends and family to love! Matrix used to be a great family dog – he loved playing with the small kids and dog in his old home. He is potty trained (goes out 3 times a day) and is used to being crated when left alone. Plus, he’s very sweet and loving!

Charleene (ID 569929)

Humane Society of Broward County Weekly Pet Flyer
2 years old, female
Charleene is calm and easy going. Her favorite thing to do is relax and watch TV. She gets along with dogs, too!

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