Raising money for the 2018 Walk for the Animals doesn’t have to be a slog … Digger and his friends at Coconut Creek Subaru have plenty of fun tricks and tips to make you a fund-raising superstar come walk day.

1) Post about it on social media. If you have 100 friends on Facebook, send each one a message asking them to give up one lunch out and donate $10 to the animals. If you have 200 friends, your fundraising will grow by leaps and bounds! Also, be sure to add cute photos to your post- those always grab people’s attention.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars social media

2) Send a letter to friends and family members describing why you are working hard to fundraise for the animals. Ask them to support your efforts with a $10 donation. People love receiving personal letters, and fewer people take the time to communicate in this way – so you’ll stand out. For those of you who are a little more tech-savvy, an email can work just fine, too.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars letter
3) Visit a local business, like a coffee shop that you frequent. Describe how you love their company and ask if they would like to support another organization you are passionate about. Chances are you’ve spent much more than $10 with that company – hopefully they can give $10 back to the animals.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars businesses

4) For those of you who work in an office, ask your manager at work to send out a company-wide email. Or, ask for permission to use the company’s intranet to share what you’re doing to raise money for homeless animals in South Florida. Add a link to your Personal Campaign page. You’ll be surprised as to just how many animal lovers you have in your office.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars office

5) For families or friends who want to fundraise together, host an “old-school” fundraiser, like a Car Wash, Bake Sale, or Raffle. People will appreciate why you’re taking the time to raise money for the animals and will support your efforts.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars lemonade stand

6) Similarly, you can sell! If you’re looking to clean out your closet before the holidays, why not host a charity garage sale? The proceeds of your sale can go to your Walk pack. (Hopefully you’ll raise quite a lot more than $10, though!)
10 ways to raise 10 dollars garage sale

7) Or, you can go pro bono. This one is great for the younger fundraisers in your life. Whether it’s babysitting, lawn mowing, making duck tape wallets, or even dog walking, offer to complete tasks for your friends and family in exchange for a donation rather than set payment. You’ll find people will pay you far more than what you expect them to!
10 ways to raise 10 dollars babysitting

8) Another great tip for families, host a charity dinner. For the chefs out there, now’s your chance to show off your skills. Whip up a delicious meal and invite your friends to enjoy… in exchange for a $10 donation, of course.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars dinner

9) Sacrifice. Takeout, Starbucks, energy drinks… The cost of your vices does add up. By sacrificing life’s little indulgences for just a few days, you can put the money you save towards your Walk pack.
10 ways to raise 10 dollars sacrifice

10) Just ask! This one seems the most simple but for some people, it is actually the hardest. Whether it’s by phone or in person, verbally ask your friends and family if they would consider donating $10 to your fundraising efforts. You’re working hard to raise money for the homeless animals of Broward County, and those who love you will want to support you. You’ll find the majority of the people you ask will say “yes.” If not, the worst they can say is no, and you move on!
10 ways to raise 10 dollars  just ask
Watch the video for more tips …

As the official automobile sponsor of the 2018 Walk for the Animals, the folks at Coconut Creek Subaru have put together a fabulous gift basket, which will be awarded to the winner of our second Walk Contest.

All you have to do to be automatically entered into the contest is to:
  1. Register for the Walk (you can do that, here)
  2. Raise at least $5
  3. Complete steps 1 & 2 before Sunday, October 15.
That’s it! One lucky winner will be selected at random, notified by email, and celebrated on our social media pages! Good Luck!

Also, be sure to share this with your friends so they have the chance to win!
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