A Letter from Daisy

AKA America’s Next Top {Pet} Model


Hi, Humane Society of Broward County Family:

Donation: Many faces of Daisy
My name is Daisy, and I just joined the Education Department as the official mascot for “Daisy’s Kids Club.”

With my astonishingly good looks, killer bod, and the ability to project a wide variety of emotions on command, I am the perfect fit for the job of HSBC Kid’s Club Mascot!  I was born to be a model.

Thankfully the HSBC has a thriving Photography Team who make ALL of our shelter pets look like furry Cindy Crawfords. They’ve been hard at work taking all of the photos and videos you see of us on the website and on social media.

However, not all pets are as easy to capture as I am, and their equipment has gone through some wear-and-tear over the past few years. It would be really great if we could replace some of their breaking equipment.

Below are some of the items of which they are in the most need. If you are able, I know they would greatly appreciate a donation of any of the items on this list. Also, if you have any extra of these items at home, we will graciously accept your gently-used donations.

Wishlist: Photo studio

By the way, you can view their full wish list, here. Thank you for your generosity, and I hope you enjoy all of the photos and videos we create!

Much furry love,
(aka: America’s Next Top Pet Model)


Photo/Videography Wish List

If you are generous and kind enough to want to donate one of these items, please have it delivered to:
Humane Society of Broward County
ATTN: Photography Team
2070 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


  • Solid, Light-Color Fabric/Sheets
    (anything larger than a pillowcase so we can cut down to size):
    To avoid spreading disease, we have to photograph our cats and small pets in their cages. However, the cages are often very dark and colorless. If we could put clean pieces of fabric in each cage for our feline friends to sit on, our photos would look much more vibrant and eye-catching!
    If you have fabric you can donate, please feel free to drop it by the shelter with a note saying it’s for the photography team.
  • Photo Studio Backdrop Support Stand ($35 on Amazon):
    Our current photo backdrop stand is so worn-down that it sometimes falls on us. Ahh!
  • GoPro Dual Chest and Back Mount ($17 on Amazon):
    This harness will allow us to capture video from the animals’ point-of view.
  • Canon PowerShot ($120 on Amazon):
    This camera would help our Education Team take photos of their programs and events.
  • Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Microphone ($49 on Amazon):
    Currently we are using our iPhones to record voice-overs, which degrades the quality of the audio we are trying to capture. This microphone would give us the ability to create a wider range of videos!
  • Canon Rebel T5 DSLR Camera ($400 on Amazon):
    This camera would be an upgrade from the camera our Photography team is currently using.
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