Hi, my name is Maddie. You may have heard about me a few times on Facebook or the shelter’s website. I’m a Dolly’s Dream dog that has been here since September. (I was adopted briefly back in December, but I was returned because a new family member was allergic.)

You have probably heard by now, but I was hit by a car and broke my front leg. Thankfully the wonderful veterinary staff here was able to fix me right up! I went into surgery and wore a cast for a month or two. I am all healed now, but boy am I glad to be healed and happy to not wear that thing anymore!

Maddie getting cast

As you can imagine, keeping my cast clean and dry was difficult in a kennel. Although my cast was cleaned and re-wrapped regularly, I would have loved to have been able to wear this cool new cast-protector I found called MediPaw! It is a protective boot for both dogs and cats that safeguards bandages, splints and casts – like the one I had to wear.

I was hoping to take advantage of the post-holiday sales and buy a few for the HSBC clinic, but I found out that MediPaw has a Shelter Donation program where they’ll donate a few boots to a local shelter if you just ask! If it’s not too much for me to ask, would you mind asking these guys to make a donation to the HSBC? I know future animals in the shelter would greatly appreciate it.

Learn More About MediPaws  Learn About Their Shelter Donation Program

Oh, and if you want to adopt me as well… that’d be terrific, too. I am super friendly and love to exercise (especially when it comes to long walks and playing), so I’ll kelp you keep your New Year’s resolutions. And, my adoption fee is sponsored so my love won’t cost a thing!

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