This October is looking extra scary with a Friday the 13th sharing the month with the Halloween holiday. But here at the Humane Society of Broward County, we’re not so superstitious, especially when it comes to a black cat. Despite the myths, these dark and lovable purrballs aren’t unlucky, but sadly the odds are stacked against them when they come up for adoption at shelters.

Black cats have a colorful if not exactly accurate history of being the companions of witches and pirates or even being witches in disguise. We would argue that a pet with magical powers is a major selling point, but many have seen them has a source of bad luck or a grim omen of misfortune. And there are other more practical reasons black cats get passed over for adoption. More vibrant and colorful cats can draw attention away from their more subdued black brothers and sisters, and black animals can more difficult to photograph.

So to celebrate Friday the 13th, here are 13 reasons to adopt a black cat from the HSBC:

black cat on ship

1. Still superstitious? Well many cultures say black cats are actually good luck. The crews of ships would keep a black cat aboard to keep them safe at sea. And in Britain it’s said that a woman with a black cat will be lucky in love.

2. Their eyes are extremely striking. Black cats’ high melanin pigment content causes most black cats to have golden eyes.

Black cat with female model

3. They go with everything. In high fashion, black is revered as being universally chic, slimming and versatile. Black cats are no different.

Black Velvet Club

4. You automatically join the Black Velvet Club! At the Humane Society of Broward County, we have an elite club for owners the black and the beautiful. When you adopt a black cat from HSBC, you become a member and get 10 percent off any purchase at our pet boutique.

Egypt black cat

5. They’re from a line of ancient royalty. The Egyptians venerated black cats and when so far as to make the killing of a black cat a capital offence. Like the pharaohs, cats were mummified when they died to guarantee them a place in the afterlife.

black cat rust

6. They can change colors. Black cats aren’t the shapeshifters of myths, but the can change their look with some exposure to the sun, especially in South Florida. Some black cats can acquire a brownish rusty tint.

Ernest Hemingway Cat

7. They have star power. Famous owners of black cat include Fred Astaire, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Queen Victoria.

Black cat at the vet

8. They’re healthy! Scientists say black cats’ natural camouflage has given them an evolutionary advantage. However, others have theorized that black cats could also be more resistant to disease than other felines. Anecdotally, many cat owners find that their black cats are very long lived.

Black Cat Photography

9. Who doesn’t like a challenge? As we said before black animals can be difficult to photograph. But adopting a black cat might actually make you a better photographer. With the right lighting, black cats can be the perfect muse for a budding photographer.

Felix the Cat

10. They’re pop culture icons. Black cats are no stranger to fiction. Famous characters include the snarky Salem of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the classic cartoon Felix the Cat.

Black Cat Clean

11. Low maintenance grooming! Black cats’ dark coloring can hide some sins that would stand out on light-colored kitty.

Bombay Cat

12. When it comes to black cats, there so many choices. Black cats come in nearly 20 varieties. The Bombay Cat, which resembles a miniature black panther, is the most prominent of the black breeds.

Black cat at shelter

13. This is the most important one: You can help save a life. When you adopt a black cat, you can know that you gave loving animal a second chance.

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