Congratulations, Daisy Mae

Our 2020 Cover dog is the gorgeous Daisy Mae!

Cover Dog Daisy Mae 3

About Our Cover Dog

As told by her Mom

Daisy Mae (Metrick) was a stray dog that was picked up running with two beagles in Clarkesville, GA (Habersham Humane Society) a little more than 6 years ago. I had just lost my Dalmatian Metro and was suffering terribly from a broken heart when my good friend Elain Brown called me to ask if I knew anyone who might want to adopt this dog.

It took only 2 seconds to fall in love with that little face and had I not said yes when I did, many people wanted her. Then, as luck would have it, Terry and Jamie Stiles were in Georgia at the time and were able to pick her up and bring her to me… she’s flown in a private jet and yet I haven’t. Can you believe that?

Cover Dog Daisy Mae 4

Daisy Mae, an approximately 8 or 9-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the love of my life. We actually rescued each other. I was in desperate need of a four-legged friend, and she was in need of a forever home. She is an only dog, has her very own dog nanny, and her mom Laura cooks her dog food from a special diet made just for her. Daisy had very bad allergies when she moved to Florida but with determination, her mom cured her allergies without medication. Daisy lives in luxury like the little princess she is.

Daisy enjoys being a therapy dog and visits the hospital frequently to make people happy. She’s also a canine good citizen and respects the rules. She loves to walk, not only on the beach but anywhere her little paws will take her. She’s attended 6 Walk for the Animal events and has helped her mom raise more than 15, 000 thousands of dollars to help save the animals. The words “walkie,” “cookie” and “let’s go bye bye in the car car” make her dance with joy. She loves to travel by car and when she doesn’t get to go, she sneaks her toys and treats into her mom’s suitcase. She’s the very reason I wake up in the morning and she’s a part of every decision I make.

Daisy Mae is one beautiful little princess and we are so grateful to have each other.

About Our Cover Dog Contest

Every year we choose a 4-legged-model out of all of the top fundraisers from our previous year’s Walk. Daisy’s mom was one of our top supporters in our 2019 Walk, which automatically entered her into our contest. Our panel of judges reviewed all qualifying pooches, and Daisy won!

Keep an eye out for Daisy Mae in all of our 2020 Walk for the Animals marketing materials and across social media! Congratulations not only to Daisy Mae, but to our other contestants as well. Each one is equally beautiful and deserving.

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