We love our Office Cat participants, and one of our most loyal organizations to date has been Meowingtons.com. For the past six months, this cat-loving group have housed brothers Raphael and Louie after their old home was consumed in a fire. As part of the Office Cat program, the Meowingtons team took the cats into their office, cared for them, and worked to find them a forever home.

And, although they were spoiled rotten and had numerous adoption inquiries (they even had a sleepover or two at some potential adopters’ houses), sadly no match has been made. With “Adopt a Sweetheart” right around the corner, we have decided to bring the brothers are back to the shelter in hopes they can find a home soon.

The team at Meowingtons has written this wonderful letter in hopes that it will speak to someone looking for a lovable, goofy pair of felines.

Cat brothers Raphael and Louie

A Letter from Meowingtons

Hello! We are writing you from Meowingtons.com! We had these boys as our office foster cats for 6 months and loved every single moment with them! These boys are true characters, chock full of purrsonality – and bonded heart and soul. Louie is the definition of a lap kitty, happy to fall asleep in your lap. Raphael will greet you at the door with his happy, squeaky meow, and follow you around like a little puppy. They are shy at first, but just give them a few days to settle in and they’ll steal your heart just like they stole ours.

We want to find these boys a happy home TOGETHER!

It breaks our hearts that we couldn’t find them a forever home. If we could have taken them home ourselves, we would have in an instant. But after 6 months of trying to get them adopted from our office and only 2 potential adopters, we are hoping that being back in the shelter will get them the attention they deserve – hopefully upping their chances of finding a forever home!
Emma, Keegan, and Cortney from Meowingtons

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