Education Mascot Chester is now on-hand to answer your pet safety and animal-related questions. He’ll use his best doggy wisdom to address whatever you may throw his way – so don’t be shy!

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Dear chester

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Dear Chester,

I must say, you are so cute! I have a dog. His name is Ted. He loves to eat food a lot.

I was wondering if I can give him turkey and potatoes for his Thanksgiving meal? He’s part of the family, and I want him to be part of our feast!Neil

Dear Neil,

Thanks for saying I’m cute, I hear about that all the time. My mom is always bragging about my cuteness! What can I say?

Ted sounds like he scored himself a great family. Way to go, Ted! If I had my druthers, I’d be eating meat and potatoes every day. I do have taste buds, ya know, so I do like things that taste deeeeelicious.

My human mom, however, says Thanksgiving turkeys are hardly ever cooked plain. They have butter and oil and spices and stuff. She says for dogs, it is a recipe for a tummy doo doo disaster at best, and pancreatitis at worst! Pancreatitis is really bad, I don’t even like that word. Mom says that I can be part of the family feast, but she will cook me my own doggy yum yums to eat.

Check out her recipe in the Pet Project article by clicking here!

Thanks for writing me, Neil, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Your friend,

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