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Envigo Beagles

Thanks to an overwhelming show of interest in our Envigo beagles, we are no longer accepting applications for adoption.

If you would like to help improve the lives of the Envigo beagles, please consider donating to our beagle care here. We will be providing vaccinations, spay/neuter services and other medical care when needed, as well as the transport from Virginia. Please specify that your donation is “in honor of the beagles”.

In June, mass beagle breeding facility Envigo announced it would be closing its facility in Cumberland County, Virginia due to multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act. In total, 4,000 beagles were saved thanks to an investigation by the US Department of Agriculture, which reported deplorable “prison-like” conditions. Now the beagles are in need of homes.

We are proud to announce that more than 40 of the rescued beagles have come to the Humane Society of Broward County.

If you are thinking about adding a Beagle to your family, here are some key things to consider and plan for in order to make your Beagle’s transition as smooth as possible.

Beagles have become a popular breed among families because of their small size and affectionate personalities. However, they do require some special considerations to help them behave well and get all of their energy out in healthy ways. An important fact to always remember is that they were originally bred to be hunters. They used their incredible sense of smell and quick feet to hunt rabbits in England.  In our modern-day families, they do not get to perform this job anymore, and that leaves them with excess energy that needs to be put elsewhere. Read more about beagle behavior and tips here.