Black Velvet Club


Howdy People Friends,

My name is Prince, and I am a Chi-weenie who was adopted from the HSBC in May 2016. You may have noticed that I am an adorable dog with soft, silky, velvet smooth BLACK fur! Although I was lucky enough to find my forever home, for some bizarro reason black cats and black dogs are the most overlooked and least likely animals to get adopted at animal shelters through out the United States.

Some shelter personnel think some reasons might be that black animals don’t stand out in the kennels, or are harder to photograph. And, of course, some people believe the ridiculous superstitions around black cats. Now to me that is just ludicrous! In my humble opinion our black fur represents class, finesse and charm. Plus, it’s super-slimming and never clashes with your outfit.

prince black velvet

You may have heard of my role model Tweety, the Queen of the Black Velvet Club. Well, she passed over the rainbow bridge several years ago, and I was asked to succeed her and serve as the PRINCE of the Club.

What is the Black Velvet Club you may ask?

Simply put, it helps beautiful black animals adopted. You can help me two ways!

First you can join my Club by adopting either a black, dog, puppy, kitten, cat or rabbit, and if you do here’s what you get!

– My approval as a decent human being.
– 1/2 off basic dog obedience or puppy preschool class.
– An extra 10% off in the Humane Society Pet Boutique.

If you aren’t looking to adopt a precious animal at this time you can donate to my Black Velvet Club to help me and the Humane Society keep this program going, any amount is appreciated, but $25 makes you a member! You can write and specify that your money go to the Prince and make a donation online or mail it to the my castle at HSBC, 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 – Attn: The Prince of Black Velvet

Alright time to have my daily brushing…

President, Successor and Prince of the Black Velvet Club,

Prince (dictated but not read)



History of The Black Velvet Club Founder, Tweety:


The late, great Tweety (President, Founder and Queen of the Black Velvet Club) was brought to the Humane Society at the age of 8 months back in 1999.

During Tweety’s stay at the Humane Society she became sick with an upper respiratory infection in the kenneling area. She was brought upstairs in the administrative area to recover in one of the offices. Well, Tweety quickly won the hearts of the entire administrative staff and decided she wanted to stay! Her one office home soon became the entire second floor which she now rules. Tweety spends her time getting spoiled rotten by over 500 volunteers and 100 staff members. She expects it!

During Tweety’s reign she started her own “Ask Tweety” page in our PawPrints magazine. Tweety gives an honest and blunt response to ignorant humans – as she sees it! She encourages you to write her with any problem you are having and she promises to set you straight. Tweety decided to start her own “Black Velvet” Club to help encourage the adoption of her black-furred buddies.

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