We have so much to be grateful for this holiday season, but we’re ESPECIALLY grateful for our volunteers. Last year, our volunteers logged nearly 90,000 hours of service. We truly could not accomplish all that we do without our dedicated volunteer base.

To show our gratitude, local artist Alissa Alfonso came in and photographed styled portraits of our shelter animals… each representing a different volunteer position. We hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.

Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteers

Anya ID 565153

Happy Update: Anya has been adopted

Development and Special Event Volunteers

Aladin ID 565424

Happy Update: Aladin has been adopted

Training + Dog Walker Volunteers

Becca ID 563404

Happy Update: Becca has been adopted

Greeter Volunteers

Bella ID 564957

Happy Update: Bella has been adopted

Pet Boutique Volunteers

Chevy ID 561460

Happy Update: Chevy has been adopted

Adoption Ambassador Volunteers

Dex ID 562158

Happy Update: Dex has been adopted

Dog Bathers

Genesis ID 565131

Happy Update: Genesis has been adopted

Animal Care Volunteers

Ginger ID 498796

Happy Update: Ginger has been adopted

Clinic Volunteers

Ginger ID 549605

Happy Update: Ginger has been adopted


Hendrix ID 562801

Happy Update: Hendrix has been adopted

Dog PALs

Honey ID 565221

Happy Update: Honey has been adopted

Education Volunteers

Kylo ID 565253

Happy Update: Kylo has been adopted

Foster Care Volunteers

Mayflower ID 565457 + Plymouth ID 565459


Customer Service Volunteers

Reginald ID 564218

Happy Update: Reginald has been adopted

Behavior Helpline Volunteers

Rocky ID 540844

Happy Update: Rocky has been adopted

Photographers + Photography Assistants

Savina ID 565135

Happy Update: Savina has been adopted

Cat PALs

Tupac ID 564155

Happy Update: Tupac has been adopted

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