Americans always remember to thank veterans, and as March 13 is Canine Veterans Day, let’s not forget to thank our four-legged veterans for their service, too.

Canine Veterans

March 13, 1942 is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps, which is the perfect day to honor those four-legged friends who have served and protected us. Dogs are amazing creatures and being a K9 dog entitles the pooch to assist in the aid of firemen, policemen and army men all around the nation. Today is a day to honor those dogs that have sacrificed their selves to the well being of our country.

Soldiers rely on military service dogs to sniff out explosives, listen for ambushes or take down combatants. Military dogs make soldiers feel safe — and for good reason: Since coming into the armed forces in 1942, service dogs have been saving an estimated 150-200 warriors’ lives each. Even off the front lines, these dogs keep saving lives by helping soldiers with PTSD. Our veterans — humans and animals — have each others’ backs.

Animal Veterans: Dogs in WarfareAnimal Veterans: Dogs in Warfare
It’s time to show that we’ve got theirs, too. We need to honor and protect those who protect us. This Canine Veterans Day, be sure to give thanks to all our veterans. If you see one — depending on their species — shake their hand or give them a nice scratch behind the ears.

Here are some noted K9 Veterans: