In response to the tragedy that took place on February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School, the Humane Society of Broward County’s (HSBC) Animal Assisted Therapy dog teams are at the school as students return. A few days ago, we received this extremely touching letter from the parent of one of the students. We are so grateful to be of service during this extremely difficult time.

I can not tell you how these dogs have helped the MSD students. On the first day back, my daughter (…the girl with the grey headband on; her name is Sophia.) was in a class that didn’t have a[n Animal Assisted Therapy] dog. She said, “Mom, it was amazing. I told my teacher I wanted a dog. She made a phone call and a dog was brought to us.”

Oh my gosh. Even typing that brings tears to my eyes.

Animal Assisted Therapy at MSD

Sophie didn’t go to school the second day because it just felt too overwhelming. But on Friday, she went back and said the dogs helped her get through the day. She said, “They just turn to the cutest piles of mush.”

Your program is amazing. We have always been interested in it so we could help other people. I never imagined we would be on the receiving end of this program. My daughter is very shy and struggles to share her feelings. I know these dogs have helped comfort her and many, many of her friends/peers. You can’t possibly be around those dogs and not smile. Thank you and all the dog owners who have spent so much time at the school to help these kids through this unthinkable tragedy. I’m really hoping Sophie and I can get involved so we can help others like you have helped us. ❤️


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