The Humane Society of Broward County and Broward County Animal Care & Adoption are introducing “Mission Catpossible 2” a collaborative FREE spay/neuter project for feral and free roaming neighborhood felines residing in Broward County. The goal is to sterilize 1,000 cats in September.

UPDATE: As of October 1, 2016, we have completed 570 surgeries. Since the goal was to sterilize 1000 felines, Broward County Animal Care and Adoptions has agreed to extend the promotion until the 1000 goal has been reached.

In order to take advantage of the free offer for these felines, you must provide proof of residency that you live in Broward County. The felines will be spayed/neutered, receive pain medication, and for those old enough a rabies vaccination.

Appointments are necessary and will be performed on the HSBC mobile unit and at the portable sterilization unit located at Delevoe Park in Fort Lauderdale. To schedule an appointment call 954-463-SPAY (7729) or email Vaccinations, microchipping and testing are available for a fee.

All cats sterilized through “Mission Catpossible 2” will be ear tipped. This simply means a small portion of the feline’s left ear is surgically snipped off. This visually identifies the cat as being sterilized and it won’t reproduce. It is part of TNR – Trap, Neuter and Return.

A feral cat is one that has been born outside and has not had human contact. They are too fearful to be handled and might only come out at night or in the early morning. A free roaming cat is one that may allow you to touch it, may be vocal and crave attention. This could have been someone’s pet at one time and the feline was left behind. The most humane thing to do is to have these cats sterilized and return them to the area where found. You will need a trap to catch a feral cat and these are available at home improvement stores.

Only with your help can we reduce the number of unwanted cats in our community.

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