Despite the myth, the cats don’t actually have nine lives. (Sorry Garfield, but you may want to cut back on that lasagna.) The myth gained traction because cats are really good at landing on their feet after a fall. But there are some landings only you can help with — like helping a shelter cat land on its feet in a new loving home.

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Here are nine reasons that could actually save nine lives:


They’re low maintenance

Unlike dogs, cats – with their mastery of the litter box – don’t need to go outside. Daily walks and trips to the backyard to poo aren’t a thing when you adopt a cat. Because cats are so independent, you can give affection and attention on your terms.

They’re extremely well “liked”

Taking pictures of food can only take you so far. To really make a splash on social media you need to break out the big guns. And what’s the biggest gun of all? The adorable cat video! Whether they’re pretending to play the piano or just knocking things off counter tops, cats make social media dominance seem effortless. And we haven’t even touched on what you, a cat and SnapChat filter can do.

They’re good for your health

Although studies about health benefits can be endlessly debated, many studies have found that cats can relieve anxiety and stress by providing companionship. Other studies have shown that cat owners have lower blood pressure and are at less risk for a stroke.

They’re great teachers

Cats can give all-important lessons in empathy and responsibility, especially for young children. If a family is looking for their first pet, a cat – with less upkeep required than other animals – is a great choice. A child and even some slacker adults can learn how to be responsible for pet without being overwhelmed.

shelter cat

They’re at home in any home

Some pets need special spaces. Bigger dogs need extra space and room to run – preferably in a fenced-in backyard. And a high-rise building and a small-bladder dog is always a bad combination. However, cats aren’t nearly as needy. From small apartments in the city to sprawling farmhouses, felines fit in anywhere.

They don’t break the bank

Other pets can come with lots of upfront costs. Cats do require care and attention, but for the most part their costs are more affordable. At the Humane Society of Broward County, you can adopt a kitten for $60 or a cat for $30. When you adopt a kitten or cat from us, the animal comes home with you already sprayed or neutered and up-to-date on all vaccinations.

They help with trauma

Many owners turn to their cats during times of grief. The animals provide much need companionship and affection, but they also can be great listeners. Researchers have found that cat owners sometimes find relief after talking to their cats about a difficult subject because they feel that they will not be judged and know their cat won’t repeat the conversation. They really know how to keep a secret!

shelter cat

They need your help

At the Humane Society we have dozens of loving cats that need good homes. When you adopt, you save a life and a gain lifelong friend. Also, families who adopt make space at our shelter for other animals in need. A good deed has never been so purrfect.

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