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Shelter Success Story: Lily

This one is a tear-jerker. Just prepare yourselves. Our hearts are so full and warm. Thank you, Colleen, for sharing this amazing Shelter Success Story. Do you have a shelter success story of your own? Please click here or you

dollys dream

Dolly’s Dream Passes the 100 Mark

Thanks to a generous grant from a South Florida foundation, in March of 2016 we initiated Dolly’s Dream, a program geared entirely toward bully breed dogs. (The president of the foundation had adopted a dog named Dolly – the first

shelter success

Shelter Success Story: Gunner

Pets can often be our greatest source of love and comfort. They are always there to offer a compassionate glance, a snuggle, or maybe even a kiss whenever we need it most. For Rita, Gunner gave her family exactly what

shelter success story

Shelter Success Story: Sabo

Sometimes some dogs come to the shelter who aren’t quite ready to find a forever home. Maybe they’re a little too anxious, or maybe they need to learn a few manners in order to assimilate into home-life. That’s exactly what

shelter success

Shelter Success Story: Zoey

Sometimes an adoption goes smoothly from Day 1. Sometimes an animal takes a little more time to adjust. And, like Celeste experienced, sometimes you experience both! We received this story earlier this week, and we knew we had to share.

lady finds love

Lady Finds Love

One-year-old Lady came to us from another shelter. As she was being checked in, the clinic staff could see that she had some swelling near her elbow joint, as well as a foreign body that could be felt. Further investigation


Shelter Success Story: Radar

Okay, so we’re starting to get suspicious that there is a “National Dog Day” every 1-2 months, but we’re not going to complain! This day encourages dog ownership of all breeds. Whether mixed or purebred, National Dog Day embraces the


Shelter Success Story: Callie

Our Adoption Ambassador volunteers do so much for the homeless pets of our community, and their work often goes unnoticed. These selfless individuals take in the special-needs animals from our shelter who (for one reason or another) need a little

Shelter Success Story

Shelter Success Story: Lillie and Violet

We often get visitors at our shelter who come with absolutely no intention to adopt. Whether they are just dropping off donations, want to give some treats to our adoptable pets, or simply want to see who is looking for


Shelter Success Story: Little Biggie

In March 2018, a four-pound Yorkie named Biggie was brought to Admissions by his highly-distraught owner. Though only three years old, Biggie was a very sick little dog. He had just come from his veterinarian where he was diagnosed with


Shelter Success Story: Diesel

As you all know, bully-breed dogs often get labeled as mean or aggressive dogs – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any breed, their temperament depends on how they were trained/raised. In the Shelter Success Story,

100th Dolly's Dream

100th Dolly’s Dream Dog Adopted!

The Humane Society of Broward County is thrilled to announce our 100th featured Dolly’s Dream Dog was adopted! Dolly’s Dream was created by a local foundation to help bully breed dogs and the HSBC was the first shelter in the

Shelter Success Story Pinto

Shelter Success Story: Pinto

We always love when our adopters write to us wanting to give us updates on their rescue pet. However, we love it even MORE when the pets themselves write to us. Just check out this Shelter Success Story from Pinto,

plotting a long-distance adoption

“Plotting” a Long-Distance Adoption

With the support of social media, the dedicated staff of the Humane Society of Broward County, their Adoption Ambassadors and an extremely enthusiastic adopter, Hank the Plott hound went home for the holidays! He celebrated a real white Christmas at

shelter success story

Shelter Success Story: Shadow

Lately we have been receiving SO many letters from HSBC adopters sharing some happy updates on their new forever friends. Listening to how these animals are so loved and flourishing at home makes our hearts swell. When we received this


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