There’s nothing better than the feeling we get when we see an adult animal go home to a loving family. Don’t get us wrong – puppies and kittens are great, but we know they’ll have to wait no time at all for a family to fall in love. Adult animals, however, have to wait much longer. This is why we love Allie and Ben’s story so much! They adopted 4-year-old Bean a few years ago, and their experience is truly heartwarming.

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We adopted Bean from the HSBC on December 1, 2014. I could not contain my excitement as she was brought into the meeting room. Bean immediately jumped up on the bench next to me and plopped her face down in my lap; I knew right then she was the girl for us!

Bean LOVES people of all ages, walks down to the water, car rides, ice cubes and belly rubs! We are constantly laughing at the silly things she does and her obsession with guarding our yard and scaring away any squirrel invaders.

Bean was four when we she finally found her forever home with us. For anyone looking to rescue an animal, I cannot say enough good things about adopting an older pet. She is a great companion and I am cannot imagine our life without her.

Thank you for the work you do and for bringing the most perfect dog into our lives!!!
Allie and Ben

Shelter Success Stories

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