Has your timid shelter pup turned into an outgoing, spoiled little love bug? For Maria, that is exactly what happened to Blanco, whom she adopted from us a little over a year ago.

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This is Blanco, we adopted him a year ago from the Humane Society of Broward County. He is the sweetest, most spoiled dog I’ve ever seen. He is smart, and loves to cuddle and go for long walks.

We are so thankful for this beautiful dog who has changed our lives. My brother said that he is the glue that holds us together, he got this from a T.V. Show but he is right. We weren’t sure to adopt a dog that wasn’t a puppy, but we have no regrets, he is just so smart and sweet.

I thank you for doing the work you guys do, it must not be easy sometimes, but I’m sure it comes with a lot of gratification. Thank you!

Shelter Success Stories

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