We love it when you all check-in to let you know how your new adoption is going. Kendra’s note from a few days ago just brought a tear to our eyes.

Check out her Shelter Success Story below! Do you have a story of your own? Just shoot us an email and let us know. We love to hear how your new fur babies are doing! Click here to read more Shelter Success Stories, or submit your own!

My name is Kendra W. and “Bubba” recently adopted me!!!

I wanted you all to know he is such a blessing! The roof caved in on my world literally due to Hurricane Irma. I lost my apartment and worst of all my beloved companion Coco of 9 years.

I came to the Humane Society of Broward grief-stricken, broken-hearted and ready to give up on everything.

Then, I met “Bubba”. He acted like he really loved the shelter and staff but was ready to get out of there! He reminded me of a kid that had been sent to sleep away camp, has a blast but wants his own bed at his house again!

Thanks to the generosity of “Dolly’s Dream” I was able to give “Bubba” a home. He rescued me! Bubba is truly a “love sponge”.


Shelter Success Stories

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