Did a shelter pet unexpectedly come into your life? It did for Laura M.! She submitted her Shelter Success Story online yesterday, and we had to share it!

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We had been searching for our forever best friend for awhile, and at this point and we were about to give up. We decided to randomly visit the shelter just to see who was there… and we stumbled upon Cody.

He was standing in the cage so unsure and afraid, so we decided to meet with him! He was from Puerto Rico and his previous owners had brought him back for some unknown reason. It was the best decision we have ever made to take him home!!!

He is the sweetest most gentle dog we have ever met 🙂 Cody loves his chew toys and his bed he even sleeps right next to his mommy as the little spoon!! He is truly part of our family and we would not have changed that day for anything!
Laura M.

Shelter Success Stories

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