As you all know, bully-breed dogs often get labeled as mean or aggressive dogs – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any breed, their temperament depends on how they were trained/raised.

In the Shelter Success Story, you’ll see just how perfectly Anderson (now Diesel) fit into his new family. (He has even become a “nanny dog” to his human-baby sister!) Congratulations on finding the perfect family, sweet boy.

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Dear HSBC,

After losing our doxie we knew we needed to get a friend for our big mastiff/St. Bernard mix to ensure he wouldn’t get depressed, which he was already showing signs of.

We were scheduled to go see a rescue puppy in Boca on Feb.11 when we decided to take a quick stop to “see what you had.” Thank goodness we did!

We met Anderson, now Diesel, and knew he was special. Pits are good dogs but never did we expect the PERFECT boy to come into our family! Already attached to our toddler’s hip, knows his name, walking on/off leash, and just all around amazing dog!

Thank you for our newest bouncy, nanny, shadow, snuggle bug and family member! #adoptdon’tshop #nannydog #ournewshadow #snugglebuddy

The Abramoffs
The Abramoffs

Anderson (ID 59Shelter Success Story: Anderson (ID 590400)0400)

Shelter Success Stories

If you adopted a pet from us and have a #ShelterSuccessStory of your own, please click here or you can email us at with the subject line “Shelter Success Story.”

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