Losing a pet is one of the most devastating losses any animal-lover will ever experience. We recognize that the relationship between a companion animal and a person is a special one. When that beloved pet dies, an important love bond is broken. Most people suffer grief and mourning. Sometimes the loss we feel is so great that it seems as though we could never love another animal again.

The healthiest way to deal with loss and the associated feelings is to allow ourselves to mourn. And, sometimes with time, we are able to love again. That is exactly what happened with Michelle after losing her beloved companion Lady. We urge you to read her story below – it is truly touching.

If you are struggling with a loss of you own, we welcome you to attend our free Pet Loss and Grieving sessions held at our shelter. Click here for more information.

In March of this year, I️ had to put my baby Lady down because she was so sick. I️ was torn. She was my baby and I️ missed her so much that I️ refused to get another dog.

Then in September, I️ met Lucy. When I️ say it was love at first sight, it was love! It was as if Lady chose her for me. I️ immediately fell in love with her face.

I️ always wanted to adopt a senior dog, and Lucy is that dog. She has made me so happy. Lucy is so loyal, loving and cuddly. She definitely makes my day.

I️ just wanted to tell our thank you for her. She is absolutely perfect and fits so well with my family. She is beyond spoiled and gets cuddles all the time.

Michelle S.

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