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Dear HSBC,

Luna (previously named Thumblina) came into my life about a month ago. She was kept as a “backyard” dog since she was a puppy. She was never house trained or showed the inside of a home.

Dogs like Luna require patience and understanding; I still decided she deserved a chance, like any dog should. She came home to be greeted by her older, smaller brother Chiquis, who is a 9-year-old Maltese. She quickly won my parents’ hearts and those of my neighbors – she has these honey-colored eyes that allow you to see her innocence and desire to love forever.

She is still working on letting us know when she has to “go,” and like any terrier mix, she is definitely a handful. Energetic and full of life, yet timid and quiet. The more days pass the more she lets me see her personality.

She likes to cuddle and sleep in the bed next to me right by my side. She has the need to lay her head on top of a pillow and lay back to back or she won’t go to sleep… and even throws a few kicks in the middle of the night! She has gotten used to getting up at the same time my alarm goes off, and she won’t let me sleep in on the weekends because she likes to wake up early. But, that’s the beauty of having a dog with such personality.

I thank you guys for allowing me to bring her into my life and those who surround me. She has definitely found her furrrever home. Does this face look like an outside dog?

Shelter Success Stories

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