Every family that decides to adopt a rescue animal is special, but families that knowingly choose to add a pet with medical needs hold a special place in our hearts. For many potential adopters, seeing that a dog is labeled as Heartworm Positive usually deters them from adopting. But, that did not change Jane’s choice to adopt Nicholas (now “Rocco”). She welcomed him into her home like any other dog, but she saw that he received the medical care he needed.

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We were looking for an addition to our family. Our Boxer, Luke, passed away a year earlier from a brain tumor. Milo, our other Boxer boy, was a year and a half when Luke passed away. Nicholas, who is now named Rocco, just happened to be available for adoption the day we went to HSBC. He caught my husband’s eye with his cute little body, attentive eyes and wagging tail. When he was brought into the “get acquainted” room. He went right over to my husband like he was saying “thank you.” He then came over to me, laid in my lap, rolled over on his back and opened his leg for me to rub his belly. We fell in love!

We were then informed that our new baby was heartworm positive, and I later learned he had adult heartworms! All we do know is that Rocco had just come from a shelter in Georgia.

When we brought Rocco home, Milo was so happy, he was actually smiling. We never realized how much Milo missed Luke until we brought Rocco home! Milo and Rocco have been buddies since day one. They love each other and are always together.

Rocco has been with us for about a year and a half. He is now heartworm free, healthy, happy and has gained 10 pounds since joining our family. He is always wagging his tail and he is the funniest little guy.

We are very happy that Rocco is part of our family and is a happy little guy who loves his life with us!
Jane S.

Shelter Success Stories

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