Did you know that black-furred dogs can spend almost 4 times as long in shelters than their lighter-furred buds? Some shelter personnel think some reasons might be that black animals don’t stand out in the kennels, or are harder to photograph. In our humble opinion, black fur represents class, finesse and charm. Plus, it’s super-slimming and never clashes with your outfit. Regardless, this is a sad statistic, and it’s the exact reason why we started The Black Velvet Club!

Thankfully Ashley and her family were attracted to Spooky for her raven-hair! Check out her Shelter Success Story below! Do you have a story of your own? Just shoot us an email and let us know. We love to hear how your new fur babies are doing! Click here to read more Shelter Success Stories, or submit your own!

On July 18, 2009, we adopted Spooky (formerly known as Becky) from the HSBC.

My husband and I had just moved in together and he said he had a surprise for me over the weekend. Saturday came and he said, “Surprise it’s the weekend!” What? That was anticlimactic.

Well, we got in the car, headed South to Griffin Road, and as we pulled into the Humane Society, my husband says, “Do you want to pick put new family member?”

I was absolutely thrilled and so excited! As we roamed the kennels, we came across this sweet, quiet black dog with these HUGE ears! We asked to meet with her and as she walked in, she went right over to my husband and gave him kisses. That was it. He said, “well I guess you’re coming home with us!” I got some snuggles and kisses in too, and I also had the pleasure of placing her “I’m Adopted” sticker on her kennel. She was our dog, our new family member, and I couldn’t wait to have her home!

After we left HSBC, we headed straight to the pet store to get her toys, bed, food, treats, harness… all to ensure she felt loved and welcomed in her new home. We picked her up the following afternoon after her spay surgery. Poor girl! She was so sleepy. We lived on the 3rd floor, so my husband carried her upstairs and she went right over to her bed and rested. I think she realized it was her home, always. After a day, she was playing, exploring, and meeting her other family members. We named her Spooky, for we estimated she was 9 months old in July, so by October she’d be year old. I love Halloween, so Spooky is was!

Spooky has been such a joy to our family. Everyone loves her and she loves them in return. I can’t imagine life without her.

Adopting a dog is the most amazing feeling, she knows we are her family and every dog deserves a loving, furever home. I look forward to the day we can adopt again!

Thanks, Humane Society of Broward County! I’ve attached a couple photo collages of her life with us. So hard to pick just 1 photo. I have thousands of her!

Shelter Success Stories

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