Sometimes an adoption goes smoothly from Day 1. Sometimes an animal takes a little more time to adjust. And, like Celeste experienced, sometimes you experience both!

We received this story earlier this week, and we knew we had to share. Please read below to how adopting Zoey, Celeste’s second rescue dog, really brought TWO new personalities in the home.

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We adopted Zoey about a month ago and she is doing great! She is the sweetest, most loving dog and its hard to believe anyone could give her up.

One year ago, we adopted CoCo (Dara) from the Humane Society as well. She was brought over from Puerto Rico, but at the time we didn’t realize the extent of her anxiety. She is very anxious and we tried many different methods to help her but there was a big piece of her anxiety that was still not getting better.

Since CoCo seemed the happiest when we visited other dogs we thought adopting another dog might help her. It worked! Zoey has been the best addition to our family and has helped CoCo more than I had hoped. They play non-stop and love going on walks together.

I wanted you all to know that the posters that the sweet campers made this summer really helped us decide on Zoey. Her poster described her perfectly and coincidentally, it was placed directly facing our little room where we met Zoey for the first time. It was meant to be 😉

I hope somehow you can let the campers know that they helped us decide on the best addition for us. We still have the poster and its a great memory 🙂 I also appreciate that you labeled the dogs with different personality traits – this really helped us to choose a dog that would fit into our family. With 3 young boys, 2 dogs, and one cat. It’s a zoo at our house – but we are so happy to have Zoey.

Thank you!
Celeste K.

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