As you know by now, we absolutely love hearing your Shelter Success Stories, letters from HSBC adopters sharing some happy updates on their new forever friends. Listening to how these animals are so loved and flourishing at home makes our hearts swell. Fred has been giving us regular updates on his new life-long companion, Wilson. His is the definition of unconditional love. We always love hearing from him!

Do you have a shelter success story of your own? Please click here or you can email us at with the subject line “Shelter Success Story.”

Shelter Success Story

Thank you so much for allowing us, myself and Kim, to adopt Bruce (ID 582513). We walked out the front door with him about 1 hour ago. You could see the joy in his face, and the tears on mine. He is resting on the couch as close as he can get to me. This is a perfect match.

We had been following him on your website for the last 6 days and yesterday he finally went up for adoption. He is a much needed addition to our family as I just lost my Vizsla of 14yrs and Kim lost her Catahoula of 13 years. He is already loved and will be for years to come. THANK YOU!!!


UPDATE: Wilson (formally Bruce) went through his second hip surgery Apr 2 and has already showed so much improvement that it amazes me. He has come out of his shell and now knows that this (our home) is where he belongs, where he is safe and loved.

He really is such a special animal. All of our other animals have accepted him and love him too.

It has been a long hard road to get him to this point: 7 months of physical therapy, countless trips to HSBC and our vet, 3 pretty hard surgeries, special accommodations…

Not only have we had to repair him physically but psychologically. His first 2yrs of life must have been a nightmare for him. When we got him he had had NO human contact, a blank stare, he didn’t even know how to eat that’s how bad he was. Now he has love, clean dog beds (3), toys, good nutrition, playmates, plenty of humans to interact with, a beautiful yard and lots of stimuli. He will never be caged, never beat, never be hungry, never abused… and most of all always loved – THANK YOU!
Fred S.

Shelter Success Stories

If you adopted a pet from us and have a #ShelterSuccessStory of your own, please click here or you can email us at with the subject line “Shelter Success Story.”

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