The Humane Society of Broward County is committed to allocating resources for rescue and relief efforts as needed. After Hurricane Dorian made a destructive path across the Bahamas, we have worked with Wings of Rescue, GreaterGood, IFAW, HSI, FAAWO and other organizations to help make a positive impact for the people and animals left devastated. Thanks to the continued support we receive from the community, we are able to assist with disaster efforts such as this.

September 8: Transport of requested medical supplies purchased by HSBC to Humane Society of Grand Bahama

September 11: Assisted with transfer of 76 dogs and 86 cats from Humane Society of Grand Bahama to Fort Lauderdale

September 13: Secured and opened hurricane relief warehouse to collect and store donated items and prepare them for transport to the Bahamas

September 16: Assisted with transfer of 83 dogs and 76 cats from the Bahamas Humane Society in Nassau. 7 dogs and 15 cats are placed into quarantine at HSBC to rest and receive medical care.

September 21: Assisted with transport of dogs being temporarily housed at HSBC to the airport to meet Wings of Rescue for transport to their final location

This is Peoples – she is a 2 year old that had been at the Bahama Humane Society for several months prior to Hurricane Dorian.  Peoples was lucky enough to be a part of a 150 animal airlift organized by an Association made up of Florida Shelters (FAAWO).

Peoples has been at the Humane Society of Broward since September 16. The staff all instantly fell in love with her as it became abundantly clear why she is named Peoples, she is a people dog all the way! During her medical exam, we discovered that Peoples is high heartworm positive, ehrlichia positive and anaplasma positive.  Upon further examination, our veterinarian also noticed a very strange heart rhythm.  Peoples has undergone several x-rays of her heart and we called in an Ultrasound technician to get better pictures of her heart. Unfortunately, these evaluations confirmed the bad news that in addition to the heartworm disease she also has a hole between her left and right ventricle that is not able to be prepared.  We took Peoples to a cardiologist for further evaluation and he advised us that treatment is not an option for her because her heartworm disease is so progressed and the hole in her heart cannot be repaired.

Peoples deserves a loving home for however long she has left which most likely will not be long.  It is our intention at the Humane Society of Broward County to support her adopter with whatever we can medically for the remainder of her life. There are several medications that she will be on for life in addition to those creature comforts that will make her life comfortable.

If you would like to help us support Peoples and her new family with lifetime care, as well as help us continue our disaster relief efforts, please see below.


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