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Could a rabbit be the right pet for you?

The world seems to be divided up into “cat people” and “dog people,” but what if you’re secretly a “rabbit person?” Cute and cuddly but meek and shy, rabbits and bunnies often get overlooked when people begin searching for pet.

Weekly Pet Flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: March 22, 2017

Weekly Rabbit Pet Flyer Well… this is interesting. Normally we have an abundance of buns after Easter, not before. However, our cages are quickly filling up with lovable lagomorphs, and with Easter right around the corner, we’re expected to get

Bunny Basics - featured image

Learn the Bunny Basics

As we inch ever-closer to Spring, we wanted to share some very important #BunnyBasics facts with you. This topic has even sparked the Sun Sentinel’s attention! “When people get a rabbit, they need to realize it requires a lot of

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