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Sponsor Highlight

The HSBC is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) that does not receive any government funding or financial support from local or national organizations with similar names. However, through sponsor support, private donations, special events (like our Walk for the Animals), adoption fees, and other fundraising efforts, we are able to care for thousands of homeless animals throughout Broward County. Today we would like to highlight one of our Walk for the Animals Sponsors, JM Family Enterprises, who helps support our Walk and achieve our mission.

JM Family Pack Photo

Walk for the Animals: JM Family “At JM Family Enterprises, giving back is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Through philanthropy and volunteerism, we support meaningful programs and partnerships that drive stronger families in the communities where we live and work, and our associates are dog-gone delighted to help raise funds and awareness during the 2017 Walk for the Animals. We hope you and your pooch will wag your tails on over to our booth in Huizenga Plaza to participate in fun games and win purrfectly pet-friendly prizes!”


Weekly Walk “To Do”

Meet this Milestone

With the New Year right around the corner, as well as the Walk only 3 months away, we’re quickly approaching the critical fundraising season.

As you know, we do encourage every individual walker to try to raise $150 (which is easier than it sounds), and each pack needs to raise $1,500 to reach Official Pack status. If you’ve been fundraising steadily, we think that $75 for individual Walkers (or $750 for Packs) is a good milestone to hit.

However, if you haven’t quite gotten the fundraising ball rolling, good news is that it’s easy to do this in 3 months… especially if you make use of your holiday gifts.

If you’re feeling extremely generous, you can make a gift now directly to your Walk page. ‘Tis the season for giving, after all!

Or, if you receive some cash gifts this holidays season, why not donate a portion of it to your Walk page? By making a donation this way, you won’t even feel the financial affects of the monetary gift. It’s free money that could go to a good cause.

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About Our Walk for the Animals

For over two decades, Walk for the Animals has served as the Humane Society of Broward County’s largest annual fundraiser. In 2016, the Walk had over 5,000 people and 2,500 dogs participate and helped to raise a net total of over $525,000 to benefit the animals at the HSBC, as well as the programs and services offered in the community.

Now in its 27th year, the Walk has become a staple in the Fort Lauderdale community. The Leisurely 1.25 mile walk brings together thousands of animal lovers from all over Broward County, all with one goal in mind: to save the homeless animals of South Florida.

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