Weekly Bunny Pet Flyer (AGAIN!)

With Easter right around the corner, more people are thinking about bunny parenthood than ever. They might be sweet and furry, but pet rabbits take a lot of work and are a lifelong commitment. Here is a wonderful video from our friends at the Humane Society of the United States that gives you a sneak peek into life with buns.

If you’re ready to be a rabbit parent for the next 7-10 years, here’s what you need to know about bunnies and rabbits as pets.

  • Adopt. Did you know that rabbits are the third-most surrendered animal to shelters? Please stop by your shelter (like us!) to see if there are any buns waiting for homes.
  • Rabbits are not starter pets. Even though they’re tiny and quiet, rabbits need a lot of work. Children should never be the sole caretaker for a rabbit. Some often-overlook care tips include…
    • Cage-free time is a must.
    • Rabbits need more than just pellets. They thrive on a variety of different foods, such as timothy hay, leafy greens, and most fruits and veggies.
    • Rabbits are prey animals, so they require special precautions. Triggers such as loud noises, boisterous children, or even being picked up could frighten a bunny and may potentially cause serious injury. Be sensitive to your animal’s temperament and never force interactions.
    • Rabbits are delicate. Not only are their bones hollow (so be sure to handle them with care and caution), but their feet are delicate, too. Unlike cats and dogs, these furry friends don’t have pads on their feet. As such, do NOT buy a cage with a metal bottom. It could cause their feet to cut and infection to spread.
  • Make your house bunny-proof. While we highly encourage that you let your rabbit out of its cage/pen daily for socialization and exercise, your material things may become victims of chewing! Rabbits need to chew to keep their teeth at a comfortable length. Remove anything your buddy could chew, like electrical wires, bed skirts, or dangling curtains.

With just a little bit of extra care, domestic rabbits can make wonderful pets. They can even be litter box trained! If you’re still ready to take the leap (hop?), we hope you fall in love with some of the adoptable bunnies at our shelter.

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