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Today we’re doing something a little bit different… As you can see, we’re only featuring one extremely deserving animal this week. Please make sure to read this post until the very end (it’s worth it – trust us!). Meet the many faces of Gillian.


weekly pet flyer

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Gillian 569045

5 years old, female

Hi, my name is Gillian. I was rescued from a South Korean meat farm where I was going to be slaughtered and served as food. I did not know what it is like to have toys, walk on a leash or cuddle in a bed. I need a family who has patience and is willing to work with me. The volunteers and staff have been working with me and am making great progress. I walk on a leash now and like to be petted. I still might get startled easily, but with time and lots of TLC I hope to know what it is like to be loved. If you have the time to devote to me, please visit the Humane Society of Broward County and complete an application for adoption.Gillian (ID 569045)

Five Little-Known Facts about Gillian

You already know quite a bit about Gillian’s sad start in life, however this wonderful girl has so many inspiring, wonderful, and relatively-unknown tidbits abut her!

1. Gillian has come such a long way during her three months here. When Gillian first arrived, she was very scared and liked to interact with neither people nor other dogs. Flash forward to today and Gillian loves receiving affection from our Animal Care staff, and she’s even made a few doggie playmates. We are confident she’ll continue to improve once she is matched with the perfect home.

2. The camera absolutely loves Gillian, and she is the “cover dog” of our current Paw Prints Newsletter. Since her first day, Gillian has been in nearly a dozen photo shoots to help get her adopted. Here is just a sample of her photographic glory. Plus, if you receive our quarterly newsletter, you may have seen her beautiful face adorning the cover.

3. Gillian is a SURVIVOR! Obviously, after all that she has been through, this one is pretty self-explanatory. We could not resist putting it to music, though!

4. Gillian’s adoption fee is sponsored by JR Dunn Jewelers. On Monday, March 20, 2017, Gillian was named our weekly Diamond in the Ruff. Although we will still be strictly reviewing applications for her adoption, her $100 adoption fee is fully sponsored.

JR Dunn 2017-Gillian

5. Gillian has become somewhat of an unofficial mascot of our 2017 Walk for the Animals, and you can support her fundraising efforts. Please support this wonderful soul and help us to cover her cost of care by making a small donation today! The fundraising deadline for the Walk closes this Sunday, so she still has time to meet her goal!

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Hi Guys and Gals,

Thank you for visiting my Walk for the Animals fundraising page!

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a Walk for the Animals! Why? Because I came over from a place where dogs are not treated like they are here. In January, I made the very long journey from South Korea. It’s hard for me to think about, but I was in a dog meat farm. Yes, they really do exist. I was one of the lucky ones. I was rescued along with about 200 other dogs. Then 10 of us got to go to the Humane Society of Broward County. They were willing to take us in, treat us for whatever we needed, and find us all forever homes! Most of my friends already found their new families, but not me. Not yet.

They said I can stay here as long as needed, and I appreciate that. To repay their kindness, I’m fundraising so I can give back. Until the day that I can find a place to hang my leash, they’re giving me the best care that I could ever ask for. I didn’t even know that places this wonderful existed!

Can you help me give back by making a donation to my page? I sure hope so. I’m not keen on giving kisses, but I welcome you to give me a hug!

Thank you so much.Gillian (ID 569045)

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