Patience is a Virtue…

…and these 5 pets have been waiting very patiently. October was a long, lonely month for these 5 adorable adoptees. They waited and watched all of their furry friends get adopted while people passed them by. But, we have a feeling their luck will change in November.

Let’s give them something to be thankful for by Thanksgiving.

Won’t you please help us spread the word by printing out a copy of this flyer and posting it in your community? Our Weekly Pet Flyer is one of the most-effective ways to get our pets adopted. If you cannot adopt, please help us help them find homes!

And, if you are looking for a pet of your own, feel free to stop by the shelter between 10:30am-6:30pm on Mondays through Saturdays and from 10:30am-5:30pm on Sundays at 2070 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale.

Pet Flyer: October 19, 2017
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Meet the Pets



Bella (ID 582940)

Pet Flyer: Bella 582940
Description: 3 years old, female

Energetic Bella is ready play with you! This sweet girl loves being outside and won’t turn down any chance to challenge you to a game of tug of war. Bella is gentle for the most part, but she’s a strong girl and gets excited during playtime. For that reason, Bella would be a better fit for an active family with older children who can keep up with her. She’s very clever too. Bella knows basic commands and is fully housebroken.


Luna (ID 310346)

Pet Flyer: Luna 310346
Description: 9 years old, female

If you’re looking for a sweet, social cat, look no further than Luna. This lady enjoys being petted and held. Plus, she’d be a great addition to any full house – she gets along with children and adults of all ages, and she even enjoys the company of other cats and dogs!


Hank (ID 563893)

JR Dunn 2017 Diamond in the Ruff - Hank
Description: 6 years old, male

Playful Hank loves going to the dog park, splashing around in water and most of all — a good squeaky toy. Hank is super sweet and very affectionate. He’s a bright boy as well. This 6-year-old boxer mix knows basic commands and is fully housebroken. Hank does well with both kids and adults, and he loves the dog park. Hank’s adoption fee is now waived thanks to JR Dunn Jeweler’s Diamond in the Ruff program!


Elmo (ID 583455)

Elmo 583455
Description: 5 years old, male

Just like the Sesame Street character with whom he shares his name, Elmo wants to be your best friend. He is very sweet and loving. He gets along purrr-fectly with people of all ages (including babies), he loves cats, and he even likes dogs! Plus, who doesn’t love a cat who plays fetch?


Luke (ID 582783)

diamond in the ruff: luke
Description: 9 years old, male

The best way to describe Luke is a true gentleman. Luke has the playfulness of a young pup, but the behavior of an adult dog. He is easy going, sweet, calm, gentle and loving. Plus, no one can resist his adorable face and cute wrinkles. He is well-behaved, attentive, and obedient. He walks so nicely on a leash, right beside you. Luke is fully housebroken and likes to keep his living space clean. What’s not to love? He is the whole package!

Plus, thanks to the generosity of JR Dunn Jewelers, his adoption fee has been FULLY SPONSORED!

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