Our Pets are Getting Ready for Halloween!

Or… should we say “Howl-oween?” Regardless, the furry friends at our shelter are ready and eager to find forever homes so they can go trick-or-treating! We have just about two weeks until the big day, so let’s work to spread the word and get these spook-tacular cuties adopted!

Did you know that our Weekly Pet Flyer is one of the most-effective ways to get our pets adopted? If you are able, please print a copy and post it in your community.

If you are already posting the flyer in your community, please take a photo and share where you posted it with us on Facebook or Instagram.

And, if you are looking for a pet of your own, feel free to stop by the shelter between 10:30am-6:30pm on Mondays through Saturdays and from 10:30am-5:30pm on Sundays at 2070 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale.

Pet Flyer: October 19, 2017
Are you posting the flyer in your community? Take a photo and share where you posted it with us on Facebook or Instagram. To sign up to receive this flyer by email, please subscribe to our blog.

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Meet the Pets



Queenie (ID 584176)

Queenie 584176
Description: 4 years old, female

A special message from Julie at Glynn County Animal Services where Queenie came from.

“Queenie was found running loose and was brought it, but despite having a micro-chip and attempts to find and contact the owner, no one ever came after her and she was left to languish at animal control.

She as well does not have a mean bone in her body, but takes a few minutes of one on one time for her to realize that you are not going to hurt her, once she is past that point she will crawl into your lap wanting nothing more but for you to pet and hold her.

She has come so far with staff and wanting to trust people, but it is often hard for adopters to see past her shyness and find the great dog that we know she is. We know that you will see all the trust and love she wants to offer to that special person and believe that you can find her the one.”


Mona (ID 583849)

Mona 583849
Description: 2 years old, female

If you’re looking for a playful purr-machine, look no further. Viera is a sweet and friendly little girl. Not only is she great with cats, but she loves to hang out with dogs, too!


Cleo (ID 584174)

Cleo 584174
Description: 3 years old, female

Cleo came to us from Glynn County Animal Services. We don’t know a lot about her yet, so think of her as a mysterious beauty. We encourage you to stop on by the shelter and get to know her for yourself!


Viera (ID 582768)

Viera 582768
Description: 3 months old, female

Viera is a very sweet and social young cat. She is affectionate, gives kisses (will lick you), enjoys being picked up, and is great with adults and children. Plus, she’s great with other cats and even dogs!


Tyrion (ID 582810)

Tyrion 582810
Description: 6 years old, male

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