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Today is Remember Me Thursday. Now in its fifth year, the annual event, which has a huge social media presence, draws attention to the plight of rescue and shelter animals across the country. Last year, the hashtags #RememberTheRescue and #RememberMeThursday reached nearly 340 million people online.

Remember Me Thursday brings plenty of star power with dozens of Hollywood stars and professional athletes using their massive followings on platforms like Twitter and Instagram to get the word out. Broadway actress Kristin Chenoweth is this year’s official spokeswoman.

With so many animals in need, sometimes shelter pets are overlooked and struggle to find forever homes. Here at the Humane Society of Broward County, we’re celebrating Remember Me Thursday by shining a light on five of our longest-staying animals. They all just happen to be part of our Adoption Ambassador program, and some these guys have been waiting for a new forever home for more than three months. Here are their stories:

Pet Flyer Template: September 28, 2017


Melove (ID 566716)

Pet Flyer: Melove 566716

Description: 5 years old, female
Melove is a wallflower that needs help to bloom. Shy dogs like Melove often get overlooked when families arrive at the shelter looking to adopt. While other dogs may rush to see you, Melove is likely to hang back. So on this Remember Me Thursday don’t let lovable introverts like Melove get left behind. Melove’s foster family has been hard at work, helping her overcome her fears. During her time in foster care, Melove is becoming housebroken and learning to trust people again. Still, Melove would have the best chance at success with a mature family who enjoys peace and quiet.

Raphael (ID 578191) & Louie (A578189)

Pet Flyer: Raphael 578181 and Louie 578189
Description: 7 years old, male
We know that the prospect of adding two new members to the family can sometimes seem daunting. Raphael and his brother Louie have been together since birth and are both available for adoption, preferably together. This package deal proves that the best things come in pairs. Their foster family reports that Raphael is an extremely affectionate cat who loves belly rubs and to be held like a baby. Louie has the same loving nature and will even jump into your arms. If given the chance, this loving duo will be hard to forget.

Oso (ID 575677)

Pet flyer: Oso 575677

Description: 10 months old, male
Remember Me Thursday is all about shining a light on shelter and rescue animals in need. And nowhere in US is the need greater than in Puerto Rico. Sweet Oso was rescued from the island in May and conditions have only worsened since Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the US territory this month. You can give animals like Oso a second chance at life by providing loving and safe homes for them.

Lacey (ID 576544)

Pet Flyer: Lacey 576544

Description: 3 years old, female
Full of affection and energy, Lacey is easy too remember, but too often dogs that can give families the most love and attention get passed over at adoption time. Lacey requires a lot exercise and enjoys staying active with brisk walks. That said, most of us could use more exercise and more time away from the TV. Lacey could be the perfect workout partner/motivator for you and your family. And once she get gets her exercise, Lacey becomes the perfect lap dog, ready to cuddle when you’re ready for some well-earned binge watching.

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