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Weekly Pet Flyer: May 11, 2017

Weekly Pet Flyer We have a bunch of pint-size pets here at the shelter! From 23 Pocket Pets, small dogs and puppies, and kittens (kitten season is officially here!)… small, snuggly pets are everywhere. Below are just 5 of these


Weekly Pet Flyer: May 4, 2017

Weekly Pet Flyer The force is strong with these six pets. They ARE the pets you are seeking, so why not hop in your Millenium Falcon and fly on down to our shelter and meet them? Are you posting the

Pet Flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: April 27, 2017

Weekly Pet Flyer Today we’re doing something a little bit different… As you can see, we’re only featuring one extremely deserving animal this week. Please make sure to read this post until the very end (it’s worth it – trust

Cat Lady Pet Flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: April 20, 2017

Cat Lady Pet Flyer For far too long the Cat Lady has gotten a bad rap. Crazy sweater wearing, dowdy, antisocial cat-hoarding eccentrics. The modern Cat Lady is powerful, independent, caring. She’s not defined solely by the furry company she

pet flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: April 13, 2017

Weekly Bunny Pet Flyer (AGAIN!) With Easter right around the corner, more people are thinking about bunny parenthood than ever. They might be sweet and furry, but pet rabbits take a lot of work and are a lifelong commitment. Here

pet flyer

Weekly Pet Flyer: March 30, 2017

Pit Stop / Big Dog Pet Flyer We are proud to feature 5 of our amazing bully breeds in this week’s pet flyer to show support of “The Pit Stop” event series, sponsored by Dolly’s Dream. The Humane Society of

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