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Pet Resources & Support

Pet’s are part of the good life. They are our heroes, companions and healers. But sometimes situations like moving, travel and emergencies can be challenging. If you need pet-friendly ideas for the care of your pet, HSBC is here with some supportive suggestions.

Lost & Found

We are so sorry to hear that your furry friend has gone missing! At this time the Humane Society of Broward County only accepts owned/owner-surrendered animals. But we work closely with Broward County Animal Care and Adoptions, as they accept and keep a database of the lost/stray animals of Broward.

Pet Safety

Visit our pet safety page to connect with online resources and safety videos, download info sheets and seasonal tips, learn about pet bite prevention, and keep pets and children safe together.

Hurricane Preparedness

In South Florida, hurricane season is half the year. Check out our news, guides, prep plan and checklists to make sure your furry one is safe and sound before, during and after a storm.

Dog Parks & Dog Friendly Parks

Exercise is key to having a happy, healthy pup! So, get out there and throw the ball, run in the park or just have some fun with your dog. Find  out more about the Doggie Parks in Broward County and a few neighboring counties. Have fun!

Pet Friendly Housing & Lodging

Hit the road with man’s best friend (or cat, bunny, you name it!).  Finding an apartment or home that welcomes your furry family member has never been easier. Learn how to locate pet-loving locations and view our list of local pet-friendly housing.

Service Dogs

People with disabilities, as well as their friends and family who are considering obtaining a Service Dog can find ADA and Service Animal information along with recommendations for service and therapy dogs. 

Preparing Your Pet for a Baby

Getting ready for an addition – a human one – to your family? It’s a good idea to give your pet time to adjust to the new smells, sights and sounds before the baby actually arrives. Preparing your pet prior to the event will decrease stress levels for all of you.

Safe Traveling

Find out information on traveling safe with your Pet. Consider your pet’s health, any medical concerns or medication you might need to bring with you on your trip to ensure your pet is comfortable. It is recommended that you carry a copy of your pet’s vaccinations and certificates.

Pet Loss & Grieving

Before choosing another pet, seek counsel from your veterinarian concerning different breeds; visit the Humane Society and ask questions. Explain your loss and describe your lifestyle so that staff can help you choose the pet that is right for you.

Report Animal Cruelty

Thank you for visiting the Animal Cruelty Information Department at the Humane Society of Broward County. Find out what to do as well as who to contact if you have witnessed an incident.