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Pet Adoption Overview

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Adoption Process

There are separate applications for in-state adopters and out-of-state adopters. Please fill out the appropriate application for your location below.

HSBC makes adoption as easy and affordable as possible so you can get on with the joy of bringing your new furry family member home.

1Submit a Pre-Adoption Application
There are separate applications for in-state adopters and out-of-state adopters. Please fill out the appropriate application for your location below.


Puppies and kittens are not candidates for out-of-state adoptions. This is reserved for animals having a diffcult time getting adopted. 

You will not receive a call from us after filling out an application.  

If you are interested in a specific dog or cat you should call 954-989-3977 extension 6 or visit us 7 days a week between 11:00 am – 5:30 pm. 

We are sorry, but we cannot adopt outside the continental US and Canada.
2Preparing to Adopt

Please consider these factors before adopting a pet. Landlord Approval, other household members, costs, other pets, time commitment, and supplies needed. Click here to learn more.

3Adoption Process & Fees

To adopt a friend for life, the Humane Society of Broward County requires you to pay fees based on the age and number of animals you are adopting. These fees can also include additional services such as spaying, neutering, flea/tick treatment, vaccinations, and wellness checks.  Click here to learn more.

4Selecting a Pet

If you are thinking of adding a loving and loyal canine or feline companion to your family, you will want to consider many factors in selecting the type of animal which best suits your lifestyle and fits your needs. Click here to learn more.

5Bringing Your New Pet Home

Your new pet may have been abandoned or surrendered by a previous family.  The pet may be going home to a new, unfamiliar place with strangers. Kind of scary if you think about it! Being gentle, considerate, kind and patient will help ease your friend into his new family. Click here to learn more.

View Available Pets

This is the hard part, we know. Choosing your new forever friend can seem overwhelming, but HSBC staff are trained to help you find the right fit in your new pet, with a personality and lifestyle to match your own. So, let’s get started!

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Pet Adoption Programs


Studies show that people with pets stay healthier and live longer. Find out if you and your potential new pet qualify for this unique adoption opportunity.


The Dolly’s Dream project is funded by the Levitetz Family Foundation, matching the right home with select pups whose fees and going-home care package are covered so the good times can get started.


HSBC supporter J.R. Dunn Jewelers has been sponsoring pet adoptions so that more dogs and cats can find happy homes. The program is called “Diamond in the Ruff,” and who knows diamonds better than J.R. Dunn?


Overcoming the odds and finding forever homes. Read about new adoptive families just like yours. Share in the joy of stories that end with “happily ever after.”

dogs playing

Adoption Story: Dogs Go From Strangers to Best Friends, Adopted Together

It’s not often easy to find homes for bonded animals. It took no time at all for Jack and Cindy to melt the hearts of their new family. With a little patience, both dogs found the perfect home together. Cindy and Jack went from strangers with different stories, to best friends, and later siblings.

Alternatives to Adoption