Bringing Home Your New Pet



Bringing home your new dog


Your new dog may have been abandoned or surrendered by a previous family. The dog or puppy had to adjust to the shelter and is now going home to a new, unfamiliar place with strangers. Kind of scary if you think about it! Being gentle, considerate, kind and patient will help ease your friend into his new family.


Your dog may have been in a cage for several weeks or months. He/she may be CRAZY HAPPY the first few days just because he/she is so happy to be out and about and around people. Make sure to provide plenty of exercise to help him/her wind down.


Your dog might be afraid and unsure of his new surroundings. If he/she appears to be scared, keep him/her in a small, quiet area (such as a gated off laundry or bathroom) to start, and take it slow. Don’t allow your children to bother the dog if he is afraid; fear can result in nipping. Instead, give your dog plenty of time to adjust to his new surroundings, taking it one step at a time. Don’t give up!


Even a potty trained dog can make mistakes in a new home. He doesn’t know which door to go to or how to ask his new owner for what he/she wants. Keep a watchful eye on your friend and confine him/her when you can’t watch him/her. Be sure to obtain a “crate training” brochure from our literature wall.


Your dog had a whole other set of rules in his previous home. He/she may have been allowed to sleep in bed and beg at the table. IT’S UP TO YOU TO TEACH HIM/HER YOUR RULES. Teaching proper behavior takes time and patience. If you need help, call our Behavior Helpline at 954.266.6851 or sign up for one of our low-cost training classes for dogs of all ages by calling 954.266.6819.


Allow your dog or puppy several weeks to adapt to his new surroundings and up to 4 months to fully adjust (adults may take longer than pups). Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. We assume that you will make a patient and concerted effort to achieve a successful placement.



Bringing home your new cat

In preparing for your new cat’s arrival, the following supplies are recommended and can be purchased in the Humane Society’s Pet Boutique.

  • Pet Food and Water Bowls (We feed Purina ONE to our sheltered animals)
  • Bedding
  • Litter Pan, Litter and Scoop
  • Breakaway Collar and I.D. Tag
  • Hairball Remedy
  • Scratching Post
  • Cat Toys
  • Pet Carrier
  • Most of these items are available in our “Pet Boutique” at the Humane Society of Broward County.

The Ride Home

Transportation can be traumatic for cats. Your cat or kitten should be confined to a carrier during the ride home as well as during subsequent trips to the veterinarian. Do not let your new cat loose in a moving car or allow children to excite him/her. Do not leave the cat unattended in the car or stop to visit friends, shop, etc. On a hot day the cat may be overcome by heat exhaustion. Keep your cat in his carrier until you are safely inside your home.


Your cat had a whole other set of rules in his/her previous home. He/she may have been allowed to sleep in bed, go outside or jump up on counters.


Teaching proper behavior takes time and patience. If you need help, call our Behavior Helpline at 954.266.6851.

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