In the Winter 2016 Paw Prints we introduced Dolly’s Dream Project funded by the Levitetz Family Foundation. The project covers the cost for spay/neuter surgery for American Staffordshire terriers and mixes and helps with surrender prevention.

Dolly's Dream Logo Dolly’s Dream has expanded and now they are underwriting the adoption fee of select bully breed dogs. In addition to underwriting the fee, they will cover the costs for the basic items that the dog will need to succeed in their new home. This includes a training crate, Sensation harness or No-Pull harness, chew toys, collar, ID tag, leash, training treat bag and basic dishes. If necessary, they will also cover the cost of obedience classes here at the Humane Society of Broward County.

Each week there will be two dogs featured who are part of the Dolly’s Dream Project and a sign is on their kennel door so potential adopters know about the offer.

Meet Our Current Dolly’s Dream Dogs

Hal (ID 597162)

Well you must be a good person…you’re looking to adopt a pet from a shelter…could you please pick me?

My name is Hal (ID 597162) and I’m three years old and came all the way from Puerto Rico to find a family to love…will you make my dream come true? Not many people go to the shelters where I came from to adopt, so some fabulous ladies rescued me, gave me lots of love and care and sent me all the way to Florida to find a family.

Everyone at the Humane Society of Broward County thinks I’m a sweet fellow who is curious and they say I love attention. I’m calm, yet playful and enjoy being with people. Can I be your newest family member? Please stop by and meet me, I know you’ll fall in love. For more details call 954-989-3977 ext. 6. Thanks to Dolly’s Dream my adoption fee is sponsored and I get to go home with the goodies I need to settle into my new home.

Missy (ID 598295)

No time…that is why I lost my home, no one in the family has any time for me. My name is Missy (ID 598295) and I’m a big girl weighing 75 pounds, but that just means there is a lot of me to love! I previously lived with kids ages 5 and up and I get along with other dogs. I’m crate trained, know a few basic commands (in German) and I love spending time with people.

Remember, it’s not how big you are, but how well behaved and I’m a really good girl. Can I be your new BFF? Thanks to Dolly’s Dream my adoption fee is sponsored and I get to go home with the things I need to get settled into my new home. For more details stop by the Humane Society of Broward County or call 954-989-3977 ext. 6

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